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Flatbed Shipping

Flatbed Trucking Shipping Services VirginiaHighlights of Our Flatbed Services
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Ballard Transport Services understands the requirements and the needs for flatbed transportation shipments. From strapping to chaining, we provide the expertise to safely move your most critical freight shipment.

Flatbed vehicle transport is not the most common method of auto transportation in the industry, and unlike open or enclosed transport services flatbed shipping is not even available on request. This is because there are far fewer flatbed carriers on the road than open, and unlike other carriers flatbed transport trucks only haul specific types of vehicles – specifically, vehicles that cannot fit onto an open trailer or otherwise be transported by a standard car transport truck.

The types of vehicles that require flatbed vehicle shipping vary – there are some cars that cannot be loaded onto the back of a standard carrier for whatever reason. Usually vehicles that require flatbed shipping are those that are too large for a standard carrier, and this usually means in terms of height.

This means taller vehicles such as a large pickup truck or a lifted SUV have to be transported on the back of a flatbed carrier, where their height will not be a problem when it comes to daily operation of the transport truck. But flatbed shippers are not nearly as common as most other transporters, and as such flatbed shippers operate on fewer routes and are more open to transporting along a route that they normally don’t go along, because freight for flatbed shippers is generally fairly scarce.

If you’re interested in transporting your vehicle on a flatbed, you can fill out our free online car shipping quote form and get an auto transport quote or you can call David at 703-895-9936.

Flatbed Trucking Shipping Services Virginia by Ballard Transport Services

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